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January 28, 2017


Dassai sake is created by one of the most traditional breweries in Japan, using a careful combination of traditional technique and cutting edge technology. Their brewery is a medley of ancient tools and innovative equipment. They embrace what works and dispose of outdated or ineffective methods and equipment as they perfect and hone their time-honored craft.

Starting with top quality rice, easily the best for sake brewing, Yamada Nishiki, they mill the rice carefully. Why this extravagance? Because this allows you to enjoy a product as polished as each individual grain.

We are pleased to offer two of their most popular and finest Sakes at our Free saturday tasting this weekend. Come and enjoy a beautiful expression of a classic tradition.

Dassai 50 ($27.99):
A generous palate of ripe fruit notes, with candied lemon drop balanced by the nice acidity and mineral characters comprise an inherent complexity to this elegant wine.

Dassai 23 ($79.95): 
This is a premium junmai daiginjo sake, polished to 50%. Clean, soft and very subtle, the balanced aromas and a mild sweetness envelop the senses making Dassai enjoyable on its own, or with a meal of refined cuisine. Clear with a very light aroma, fruity sense, light alcohol, pineapple and rice.


January 28, 2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm