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June 9, 2017

Not to come off as curmudgeonly, but in my day, they only put wine in one type of  container, with one type of stopper, and we liked it. These days though, forward thinking folks are drinking wine out of cans, tetra-paks, plastic bottles (see Saturday’s Tasting), bottles under glass and steel closures, bags, boxes, kegs – you name it!

Practically anything but the traditional bottle and cork seems to be the new hotness. It seems these days that some people are just as likely to bring a few bottles (or cans… or tetra-paks) of rosé
to a BBQ, the beach or pool as they once were to bring a cooler full of beer. Modern wine-making accommodates these modern consumers in ways that might have seemed outré and unthinkable a mere decade ago.

Perhaps the most common question we get about the various formats in which wine is now sold is the following: “But what’s the wine like?” or the slightly less tactful version: “Is it any good?”

Joining us on Friday night from 5 to 8 to answer that question, is Gerald of Maison Cubi, who will be serving samples of wines made in traditional methods but sometimes sold  and served in inventive, convenient and environmentally friendly packaging.

Spoiler alert: The wine is tasty, budget-friendly and fresh, perfect for all your summer sippin’ needs from pool-side to grill-side, East side to West side.

As usual, no need to take our word for it: Swing by on Friday and check out these classic wines presented in modern formats.

Grauzan Pinot Noir ($11.99): Light with fresh tannins and pleasant red berry flavors. A very versatile Pinot Noir that will pair a wide range of dishes, excellent served with a slight chill, at what the wine geeks might call cellar temperature. Food friendly or fun all on its own.

Grauzan Sauvignon Blanc ($11.99): A very well-balanced palate with lovely bright, insouciant floral elements and light mineral flavors, that compliment the greenness of the varietal. A fresh and grassy Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy with goat cheese, seafood or as an aperitif.

Maison Cubi Rosé Tetra (available in 3L BiB and 1L Tetrapak) ($29.99/12.99): Offering the perfect balance between flavors & acidity. Apricot, peach & strawberry aromas from the Grenache are well married with the structure & the elegance of the Cinsault. Ultimately, Provence rosé pairs perfectly with Summer fun.

Maison Cubi Syrah/Carignane 3L BiB ($29.99): Accompanying grilled meats and vegetables at your Summer BBQ perfectly, this spicy Rhone-style blend represents a stellar value packed full of juicy, easy-drinking Summer-weight red in quantities suitable for any crowd. Ripe fruit, a medium body and just enough structure to keep you coming back for another glass, all wrapped up in a handy, eco-friendly, portable box of red wine goodness.


June 9, 2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm