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November 9, 2019
Shirakabe Gura Tokubetsu Junmai 720ml ($19.99) / 300ml ($9.99):  “Shirakabe Gura” is the brewery located in the Nada area, the heartland of Japanese sake making. This Tokubetsu Junmai is meticulously brewed using exceptionally pure water, Miyamizu, and carefully selected rice. The character of this sake is well-balanced with a complex, crisp finish.
Born Junmai Daiginjo Gold ($29.95):  Born Junmai Daiginjo Gold is stored unpasteurized in -10 degrees Celcius after brewing, and is pasteurized only once immediately before shipping. The absence of carbon filtration (aka, Muroka) leads to a large presence of flavor and a lively aroma. Layers fruit tones of green grapes. ripe pear, golden apple and a hint of citrus.

Ryujin Dragon God Kakushi Ginjo Namazume Genshu ($24.99):  This Ryujin Dragon God is lively unpasteurized “nama” & undiluted ”genshu.” Fresh and fruit-forward with a plush, creamy and full bodied texture.

Ryujin Shuzo Oze X Rose Junmai Daiginjo ($29.99): Ryujin Shuzo Oze x Rose Junmai Daiginjo is a lovely rose-colored sake. The sake’s pink hue comes from the red yeast used to brew the sake. This rose sake has a unique tartness that is balanced by a mild sweetness and displays notes of strawberries and red berries.


November 9, 2019
5:00 am - 8:00 pm