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January 27, 2017
Eva M. of Blueprint joins us to host a free tasting of some of our favorite spirits, across several categories.
Dusquesne Rhum Eleve Sous Bois ($34.99) Rhum Agricole is made from sugar cane rather than molasses and its complex, vegetal flavors make it a favorite of whiskey and tequila aficionados alike. The Times’ Eric Asimov recently waxed poetic about this amazing spirit, calling it one of the Best Values at a recent panel tasting. “Mellow aromas of spices, honey and wax, with a lingering sweetness.”
Union Mezcal Casa Uno ($35.99): As the name suggests, this 100% Espadin spirit is produced by a vibrant cooperative of growers in Oaxaca. The herbaceous, clean flavor is enhanced by an assertive, yet sultry smokiness. For a traditional south-of-the-border aperitif, serve chilled with a wedge of blood orange and sal de gusano, (salt infused with agave worm).
El Luchador Organic Tequila ($49.95): Inspired by the masked wrestlers of Mexico, tequilero David Ravandi has created this unique  Organic blanco. This deep, velvety spirit is favored by mixologists as a foundation for cocktails or enjoying on its own. El Luchador’s journey begins at 4,200 ft. where agave cacti flourish in iron-rich soil. Here, El Luchador is distilled using artisanal methods and packaged with the utmost respect for the environment.
Barr Hill Gin ($39.99): Barr Hill gin from Caledonia Spirits out of Hardwick, Vermont, achieves its elegant complexity and complex personality using nothing but a neutral corn-based spirit, juniper, and raw honey, the distillers have produced one of the most elegant & versatile gins on the market. Also available in 375 ml size.


January 27, 2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm