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Makers Mark Limited Release Wood Finishing Series 2019 RC6 750ml

Whiskey, American Whiskey

The first limited release of the Maker’s Mark® Wood Finishing Series. Developed in partnership with Independent Stave Company, RC6 is named for a proprietary stave profile crafted over the course of more than two years to draw out the fruit notes in Maker’s Mark without compromising its natural balance of baking spices and sweetness. Each RC6 virgin American oak stave is seasoned outside for 18 months – six months longer than usual – and then baked in a convection oven. After seasoning and baking, 10 RC6 staves are added to a barrel of fully matured Maker’s Mark at cask-strength, and the barrel is then aged for an additional periodin our limestone cellar. The Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series – which includes Maker’s Mark 46 and Maker’s Mark Private Select – is designed to give whisky lovers a taste of how variations in wood can naturally enhance the distinct flavors in our bourbon. Each forthcoming annual limited release will highlight a different, unique aspect of the original Maker’s Mark taste profile. The result is bourbon that’s both one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Maker’s Mark.

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