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Stranahans Colorado Whiskey 750ml

Spirits, Kosher
Whiskey, American Whiskey

Stranahan’s whiskey is sort of a hybrid. Being an all-malt product, it does resemble a single malt scotch in many ways, with a unique flair and a hint of bourbon character. (It is a “straight whiskey” aged in new charred oak barrels, similar to bourbon.) It shows nice maturity, considering it contains whiskey as young as two years old, but not older than five. It’s smooth, too, with layered sweetness (honeyed caramel, English toffee, maple syrup), tangerine, roasted nuts, and peppered with spice (warming cinnamon, glazed ginger). A good grip of tobacco and polished leather on the finish balances the sweetness that comes earlier. This is an example of the right way to do artisan distilling.


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